Sacraments & Celebrations

Born again as God's children. Please contact the office and Father Rod will be pleased to meet with you and discuss this first sacrament of initiation.

Asking God for forgiveness of our sins and making a fresh start with a clean heart. Father Rod is available to hear confessions by appointment.

Receiving the Holy Spirit and growing stronger in our faith. Usually celebrated in May for grade seven or the age of 12 (but open to all ages). Preparation is through St. Joseph School or home based instruction several weeks prior to the sacrament. The parish supplies the preparation material. Contact the office.

A committed relationship imitating God's unending love for all humanity. A pre-marriage course is mandatory. Please contact Father Rod at least 6 months in advance of your wedding date.

Anointing of the Sick:
Receiving God's grace towards spiritual and physical healing. This blessed sacrament can be given as often as needed. Please contact the office if you or someone you know is in hospital, elderly or chronically ill.

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